Hotel rating in the SonntagsZeitung: Zermatt is top of the league


Once again, Zermatt’s hotel came out head and shoulder above the rest. The latest SonntagsZeitung ranking, published at the beginning of December 2013, places numerous Zermatt hotels in top positions.

Among the 75 hotels voted best Swiss winter hotels, 12 are located in Zermatt. Of the total of 111 hotels in Zermatt, exactly ten per cent thus came in among the best winter hotels in Switzerland. The SonntagsZeitung publishes its rating every year at the beginning of winter. Below are the results as presented in the printed edition of the SonntagsZeitung.

Best five-star winter hotels

Zermatt boasts as many as four five-star hotels. All four of them are among the best 25 five-star hotels in Switzerland. The Riffelalp Resort is in 5th place, the Omnia in 7th place, the Mont Cervin Palace has moved up to 11th place (from 17). The Zermatterhof is in 21st place (up from 22nd) and the Hotel Cervo, newly advanced to five-star status, managed to come in 23rd.

Best four-star winter hotels

Zermatt has a total of 45 four-star hotels (Superior, Superior Garni, Standard and Garni). Among the 25 best four-star winter hotels are five hotels in Zermatt. The big star among them is Hotel Alex in 4th place. The Backstage Hotel managed to come in 6th as a new entry. La Ginabelle, another new listed hotel, entered the ranking list in 15th place. The Alpenhof Hotel ranks 19 (15) and the Post Hotel 20 (21).

Best three-star winter hotels

In this category, Hotel La Couronne positioned itself in 10th place. The Bella Vista has climbed up steadily, reaching place 12 in this year’s ranking (up from 13). The assessment criteria included, among others, evaluations in relevant hotel and restaurant guides, quality controls by leading hotelier associations, investment activities, hospitality, charisma and innovative spirit of the hoteliers, character and uniqueness of the hotel.


The 25 best five-star winter hotels
5th place: Riffelalp Resort (6)
7th place: The Omnia (8)
11th place: Mont Cervin Palace (17)
21st place: Zermatterhof (22)
23rd place: Mountain Boutique Resort Cervo (new)

The 25 best four-star winter hotels
4th place: Alex (4)
6th place: Backstage Hotel (new)
15th place: La Ginabelle (new)
19th place: Alpenhof (15)
20th place: Post (21)

The 25 best three-star winter hotels
10th place: La Couronne (new)
12th place: Bella Vista (13)

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