Zermatt receives National Geographic award


National Geographic Traveler Best Trips 2015 presents 20 “must-see places” all over the world. Zermatt is the only Swiss destination to have made it on the top-20 list.

According to the National Geographic Traveler, “these 20 go-now destinations send you packing”. Zermatt is referred to as the “Peak of Perfection”. The superlative introductory paragraph on the Matterhorn asks: “Why would a remote farming hamlet turn into a first-class travel destination that attracts 1.5 million visitors a year? The answer is simple: Because it’s there.”

From exotic and fascinating to amazing nature

The 20 must-see-places cover a wide range of dream destinations in all corners of the world, from India‘s literary hub to Switzerland’s mountain majesty. The pictures and descriptions will get you dreaming or send you packing on the spot.

Zermatt Switzerland
The Presidio San Francisco, USA
Mergui Archipelago Myanmar
Sea Islands South Carolina, USA
Mont St. Michel France
Lakes and marshes of Esteros del Iberà Argentina
National Mall Washington D.C., USA
Mornington Peninsula Australia
Medellin Colombia
Koyasan Japan
Maramures Romania
Haida Gwaii British Columbia, Canada
Oklahoma City USA
Tunis Tunesia
Choquequirao Peru
Sark Channel Islands
Hyderabad India
Port Antonio Jamaica
Faroe Islands (Reader’s Choice)  

National Geographic List

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