Lonely Planet: Zermatt in the Top Ten for 2015


Lonely Planet, the web portal for experienced travellers, selected 10 cities around the world that one must have visited in 2015. Zermatt is ranked fourth. The reason: Zermatt will celebrate the Matterhorn throughout 2015.

According to Lonely Planet, Zermatt offers
According to Lonely Planet, Zermatt offers "life-changing experiences".

Zermatt celebrates "150 years of the first ascent of the Matterhorn" throughout the year. The opening of the newly renovated Hörnli Hut at the foot of the Matterhorn, activities, celebrations and the world’s longest culinary spread will honour the mountain of mountains. And the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn can be experienced up close and personal at the Zermatt open-air theatre production of "The Matterhorn Story".
Lonely Planet ranked Zermatt fourth in the category of the "Top 10 Cities". Zermatt is the Swiss diva, the mountain destination par excellence. And it is getting ready to throttle up its legendary party spirit for 2015 to celebrate a 150th anniversary. The reason: In 1865, the very first climbers stood atop the Matterhorn. In the long list of Zermatt’s sights of special interest, Lonely Planet states that Zermatt offers "life-changing experiences", including the highest pistes in the Alps and the "most unbelievable mogul run known to man". Closing comment: "Not bad, Zermatt, not bad at all".

The 10 best Lonely Planet cities, which one must have visited in 2015:

Ranking City and country Travel reason for 2015
1 Washington D.C., USA The best museums, among others, the Smithsonian
2 El Chaltén, Argentina Glaciers and mountains
3 Milano, Italy Expo 2015, "incredibly stylish" city
4 Zermatt, Switzerland Open-air theatre on the first ascent "The Matterhorn
Story" (9 Jul-29 Aug 2015); reopening of the Hörnli 
Hut (13 Jul 2015), epoch week 1865 (10-19 July 2015)
5 Valetta, Malta 450 years since the "siege of Malta"
6 Plovdiv, Bulgaria One of the oldest cities in Europe
7 Salisbury, England 800 aniversary of the Magna Charta in the cathedral
8 Vienna, Austria Festivities marking the construction of the Ringstrasse
(Burgring) in 1865
9 Chennai, India The gateway to southern India, temples, museums, "Kollywood"
10 Toronto, Canada 2015 Pan American Games host city

Lonely Planet Best in Travel Top 10 list for 2015

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