Fliegen um Leben & Tod

Author: Gerold Biner
Publisher: Orell Füssli
Price: CHF 34.90
ISBN No: 978-3-280-05525-0
Languages: GER

Fliegen um Leben und Tod
Fliegen um Leben und Tod

Orginal Titel: Fliegen um Leben & Tod (Life or Death Rescue Missions)

Fuelled by unparalleled commitment and an iron will, Gerold Biner and his Zermatt colleagues set up a mountain rescue station and training programme in Nepal. They experience exhilarating progress and dramatic setbacks. An adventure story packed with personal statements on recklessness mountain climbers, extreme sports where death is a constant companion and many other subjects. Biner does not mince his words and strikes back at criticism of the Swiss mountain rescuers in connection with their rescue missions on the Roof of the World.

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