Bildband Zermatt

Author: Beat P. Truffer
Publisher: Aroleit-Verlag
Price: CHF 39.90
ISBN No: 2nd edition; ISBN 3-905097-08-7 / ISBN 978-3-905097-08-5
Languages: DE/EN/FR/IT/JP

Bildband Zermatt
Bildband Zermatt

75 outstanding, four-colour photographs bring Zermatt and its surroundings to life. This illustrated book presents a fine mixture of shots from mountains (every mountain in the vicinity of Zermatt was photographed at least once), alpine flowers and animals to villages and hamlets around Zermatt. The author and photographer has picked out the most beautiful nooks and crannies of Zermatt and its surroundings with a lot of empathy and patience.

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