Challenges for veterans: ski touring races

As such, the Matterhorn Ultraks SkiAlp or the legendary Patrouille des Glaciers are races over mountains and glaciers: ski touring races in and around Zermatt are the ultimate challenge and are popular among participants and spectators alike. 

Matterhorn Ultraks SkiAlp "1K"

Back-country skiing | medium

Ski touring contests are very popular in Zermatt. The races of the Matterhorn Ultraks SkiAlp have quickly established themselves as a major event on the calendar.

 12,3 km  2,30 h  1179 m  1777 m

Matterhorn Ultraks SkiAlp "2K"

Back-country skiing | hard

The 2K contest is for experienced ski tourers. The course leads for 18 kilometres up to the Oberrothorn and then back down to Zermatt.

 17,9 km  4,0 h  2240 m  2240 m

Matterhorn Ultraks SkiAlp "3K"

Back-country skiing | hard

The 3K ski touring race is for highly trained athletes. The course leads over 22.5 km and high point is the Oberrothorn on 3'414 m.

 22,5 km  5,30 h  2930 m  2930 m

Patrouille des Glaciers

Back-country skiing | hard

The Patrouille des Glaciers (PDG) is one of the cult events in the ski mountaineering calendar. The course leads from Zermatt via Arolla to Verbier, and represents a sporting tour de force for participating teams. The contest takes place every other year, in even-numbered years: 2014, 2016 and so on.

 53 km  7,11 h  4277 m  4342 m

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