Tours around Randa

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Gornergrat - Zermatt Marathon

Trail running | hard

The Gornergrat - Zermatt Marathon is one of the finest running events in the Alps. Start in St. Niklaus, finish in Zermatt – with the option of racing all the way to the top of the Gornergrat.

 42 km  5,5 h  2433 m  942 m

Family Trail

Snowshoeing | easy

This snowshoe trail is an excellent choice for families. It is not too long, technically not challenging and not far from civilisation. It goes through a light forest where something can be seen time and again. 

 3,2 km  2,0 h  99 m  139 m

Dom Ascent

Alpine tour | hard

The Dom, at 4,545 m, is the highest mountain located completely within Switzerland. This majestic mountain is part of the Mischabel group. The starting point of this tour is the Dom Hut at 2,940 m.

 11 km  9,30 h  1568 m  1570 m

Bike-Tour Zermatt - Visp

Mountainbiking | medium

Accompanied by changing but still fascinating views along with the wild waters of the Vispa or the snow-capped mountain peaks – this is the new bike trail from Zermatt to Visp. It is suitable for all bike riders who are enthusiastic about nature and really like a somewhat technically difficult but still a bit longer tour.

 37 km  3,30 h  384 m  1357 m


Hiking trail | easy

The Dorfwaldweg (Village Forest Path) offers new arrivals a perfect opportunity to get acclimatised, and is also ideal for walks with children.

 4,5 km  1,20 h  233 m  233 m

Rundwanderung Täsch

Hiking trail | easy

This round walk is perfect for anyone wishing to acclimatise to the altitude or simply relax. It’s also ideal for families with children.

 4,4 km  1,10 h  92 m  92 m

Waldweg Randa

Hiking trail | medium

This walk through the protective forest above Randa, suitable for children, often has surprises in store: ibex may even put in an appearance.

 6,1 km  2,20 h  561 m  561 m

Rundwanderung Täsch

Winter hiking | easy

This round walk leads along the flat valley floor around Täsch. It’s ideal for families, for relaxed strolls with the kids and the dog.

 4,4 km  1,10 h  93 m  93 m

Dorfweg Randa

Winter hiking | easy

Anyone looking for some fresh air and a relaxing stroll that doesn’t require too much effort will enjoy this charming winter walk.

 4,7 km  1,30 h  241 m  241 m

Täsch - Randa

Winter hiking | easy

This simple winter hiking trail leads along the eastern side of the valley from Täsch to Randa. Ideal for families with children, pushchair and dog.

 4,2 km  1,10 h  61 m  85 m

Vita Parcours Randa

Jogging | easy

The Vita Parcours fitness trail leads through the forest area along the Wildibach river between Täsch and Randa. The route is shady.

 2,5 km  2,30 h  93 m  93 m


Regional hiking tour | medium

Highlights of this medium-difficulty walk from Randa include Alp Rötiboden (1,970 m), which offers breathtaking views over the valley and of the surrounding mountain peaks.

 7,4 km  3,45 h  827 m  827 m

Bike-Tour Täsch - Randa - Täsch

Mountainbiking | easy

The Täsch - Randa circuit is perfect for the whole family. It leads along the valley floor through forests, along meadows and through typical Valais mountain villages.

 15 km  2,0 h  481 m  481 m

Randa toboggan run

Tobogganing | easy

The toboggan run in Randa is ideal for families with children. Located in the heart of the village, it requires no great physical effort: the slope is gentle, not too long and not too steep.

 0,2 km  0,5 h  0 m  29 m

Randa - Kinhütte

Regional hiking tour | hard

In this region above Randa, names of geographical features such as Wildkin and Wildibach hint at the wild nature of the landscape. It’s no surprise that this demanding walk up to the Kin hut is also wild and beautiful.

 11 km  6,0 h  1496 m  1496 m

Täschalp - Kinhütte

Regional hiking tour | medium

This hike requires quite an effort, given total climbs of 1,000 m – but rewards walkers with some delightful discoveries.

 7 km  3,5 h  1074 m  743 m


Hiking trail | medium

This varied walk leading past the hamlet of Wildi reveals measures local people have taken to protect themselves from nature, which can often show her wilder side.

 4,4 km  1,45 h  414 m  414 m

Randa cross-country ski trail

Cross-country skiing | medium

If Täsch offers a rather leisurely cross-country ski experience, Randa is the place for a more energetic challenge. The terrain is gently undulating and demands skill and fitness.

 4,8 km  1,15 h  208 m  208 m

Täsch cross-country ski trail

Cross-country skiing | easy

The 15 km of cross-country ski trails between Täsch and Randa, both classic-style and skating-style, are highly popular. The well-prepared circuits of the Matterhorn trail enable skiers to explore a variety of terrain.

 10 km  0,52 h  260 m  261 m


Regional hiking tour | hard

This tough trail is suitable for experienced mountain hikers in good physical shape. The route entails an ascent of 1,774 vertical metres – but the climb is well worth the effort.

 6,6 km  4,30 h  1778 m  256 m

Tour Matterhorn

Long distance hiking trail | hard

This is the ultimate hike around the world’s most beautiful mountain, the Matterhorn. The tour begins in Randa and leads anticlockwise around the pyramid-shaped peak, revealing the iconic mountain’s many different facets.

 148,9 km  60,0 h  12177 m  11979 m


Mountain tour | hard

The Dom hut (2,940 m) is a mountain refuge run by the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) and equipped with ultra-modern facilities. Its strategic location makes it a popular choice for ascents of seven of the highest mountains in the Alps.

 5,3 km  4,30 h  1560 m  43 m

Gross Kastel

Regional hiking tour | hard

The hike leads up a lesser-known mountain, the Gross Kastel (2,830 m). Beautiful view of the Bis Glacier and its crevasses.

 6,1 km  3,40 h  1489 m  221 m

Tour Monte Rosa - Matterhorn

Long distance hiking trail | hard

This tour around the Monte Rosa massif is one of the finest long-distance hikes in the Alps. Requirements: fitness and stamina.

 162,5 km  58,0 h  13094 m  13094 m


Regional hiking tour | medium

The trail to the Europa hut starts at Randa in the valley floor and leads across the Dorfbach river before climbing steeply to the hut at 2,220 m.

 7,5 km  3,45 h  870 m  870 m

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