Campfires & playgrounds in Randa

There are a variety of campfires and playground in Randa as well where families can relax in a comfortable setting, or grill and play with their children.

4 Attractions

Barbecue area at Attermenzen

freely accessible / always open

This family barbecue area lies close to the Attermenzen campsite near Randa, not far from the car park. The forest offers welcome shade, and the nearby Wildibach river provides a soothing soundtrack.


Family barbecue area at Eien

freely accessible / always open

This family barbecue area is located in the forest in Eien, also known as Eye. Not far away is the vast cone of rock debris left by the Randa landslide.


Randa playground, Wildi

freely accessible / always open

A little world of adventure awaits children between the forest and the football pitch. The Randa Wildi playground at the end of the village promises fun-filled play in a charming setting.


Randa playground, by the school

freely accessible / always open

The playground by the school offers a variety of attractions for children and families: an ideal spot to relax and play in safety.


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