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The wildlife area of Zermatt/Täsch/Randa is among the largest in Switzerland. It is home to ibex, chamois, stag, roe deer, marmot and many other animals that visitors to Zermatt normally don’t get to see in their home country. And what’s special about the Zermatt wildlife area is that you can observe the animals in both summer and winter without great expense.

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Zermatt ski instructors are the best, as Peter Kronig has demonstrated for decades. He has experienced the progress of the materials and skiing techniques firsthand. He has also been looking after loyal customers for decades. He knows the best places in the world to ski, but nowadays he prefers to hit the slopes when the weather is warm.

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Freeriders are raving about the fact that Zermatt has the highest and most beautiful slopes in the Alps. Ideal for jumping down, against an outstanding mountain panorama. For the freeriding community February is Zermatt’s showcase month. That’s when the world’s two best freeriding teams are set to compete over a period of one week.


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In the former pre-Alps, in the village of Zermatt and especially in the Hinter Dorf area, there are old farm buildings built of logs that our visitors can’t help but notice. Having largely been forgotten since the 1960s and only rarely used, their cultural value has now been recognised and some of these barns, storehouses and Gädini* are being put to tourist-related use. We’ll be looking at two examples.
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Zermatt is not just all about winter sports. It's also well-known for its relaxed and friendly shopping in the pedestrianised and well laid-out world-renowned resort destination. Along the famous Bahnhofstrasse or through the little lanes and alleys, always near to friendly cafés and welcoming bars. Where, after a little window shopping, families, sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike can be found carrying around premium brand name shopping bags.
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Zermatt is not just synonymous with the ultimate in winter sports. It is also well-known for its superlative cuisine in two countries, on the slopes on this side and the other side of the Matterhorn. A trip into the wealth of Italian meat and gourmet dreams in Val d'Aosta.
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Zermatt is all about snow sports, 365 days a year. As of the autumn and throughout the winter, up to three quarters of the ski runs and pistes can be provided with snow or lie ahead of glacier’s ground. It is a field in which Zermatt has established a pioneering body of knowledge. Raoul Biner is one of Zermatt’s two “snowmakers”. He is a professional and veteran expert on all matters relating to snow and Zermatt. New, in the autumn, his work is crucial to the 2012/2013 winter season.
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She is one of the highlights at the Zermatt Festival (31.8.-16.9.2012). When Mélodie Zhao, the young Swiss pianist with Chinese roots, reaches the age of 18 on 7 September, the world will be open to her – she already has it at her feet. The Zermatt Festival will offer a warm welcome to her and 82 other musicians. Another highlight: The premiere of “Der Bergmensch” (The Mountain Man) by Daniel Schnyder.
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Seeing from close quarters an alpenhorn and a Schwyzerörgeli being played, listening to the outdoor music-making and basking in the music – this is what Zermatt’s Folkloresommer is all about. For a period of ten weeks, it is possible to enjoy performances by a diverse array of musical line-ups in a celebration of living Swiss tradition bursting with zest for life.

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Zermatt has over 50 lakes and almost 100 springs. In other words: Zermatt is a water paradise. In summer, lakes, rivers and streams wait to be discovered. And in the village, water from the fountains can be sampled. Because Zermatt water is top quality.
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