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A growing segment in Zermatt: Offers for luxury-class guests

Zermatt is class. This is particularly appreciated by guests who don’t have to worry about the price. They simply want to experience a super stay at the foot of the Matterhorn – in a relaxed atmosphere and with top-quality offers. Zermatt the Destination, from its discreet luxury side.

The rich and beautiful have always been present in Zermatt. But they are not on display. Quite the contrary: they enjoy the fact that their private sphere is always respected in every detail in Zermatt, which is known as international “Privacy”.

Happy and unhappy celebrities
Many celebrities can thereby enjoy relaxed days in Zermatt. For them, Zermatt is the perfect mix of high calibre services and the authentic world of the mountains, free of cars, and therefore quiet and sustainable. With a restaurant scene that is unequalled, and the opportunity to ski in the alpine mountain world 365 days a year. Zermatt also means discretion – which has been absolutely respected for generations by hoteliers, ski instructors, mountain guides and waiters. Whether kings, aristocrats, top executives or stars, they all remain undisturbed here. When shopping, at the ski lift, or in a restaurant. Villagers give a knowing smile when the conversation turns to the former film star pair Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Some years ago, they rode through the village in an open horse-drawn carriage in order to draw attention to themselves. But they are an exception.

A quick arrival with comfort
The team of Beat and Doris Lauber from the Taxi Alphubel and Limousine Service also serve the luxury segment: “Whether luxury liners in bus size or black Mercedes limousines, the guests can be very demanding.” The Premium Airport Transfer Service – at any time of the night or day – includes fresh sandwiches, fruit and chilled drinks, and, of course, Champagne. It could even be a five-start refreshment. Saving time is very important for the guests. There was the case, for example, when a group of 15 passengers from Norway travelled from Zurich Airport to Zermatt in five limousines, and changed into their ski outfits on the way. After the car-train through the Lötschberg tunnel, they then drove in convoy to the helipad near Gampel. And from there directly to the Rothorn by helicopter, to go skiing. 

Specialised service providers
134 extremely luxurious, five-star holiday apartments are available in Zermatt. There are also chalets that are luxury residences. A view of the Matterhorn is included in the prices, which can be more than CHF 35,000 per week. With a spacious living area, a wellness area with indoor and outdoor pool, beautiful interiors with selected materials, state-of-the-art technology and a service that leaves nothing to be desired. “The luxury guest sector is growing in Zermatt”, says Silke Reineke from Mountain Exposure, a company that is specialised in fulfilling all the wishes of the chalet guests. Their guests come from all over the world, with many coming year after year from Great Britain. “The richer and more prominent the guests are, the more correct and sociable are they in their behaviour”, remarks Silke Reineke, speaking from experience. The service provided includes catering, a bar that is open around the clock, daily cleaning, a concierge service and much more.

The Chalet Zermatt Peak costs more than CHF 200,000 for two weeks in the high season, and is the most expensive in the Zermatt high-price segment. When the large windows are lit up high up on the rocks, even the locals start wondering who could be residing up there at the moment. And try to get a stealthy, but unobtrusively discreet look at a famous sportsman on the next day.

Time is money
The pilots of Air Zermatt are also aware that time is money. Many guests arrange to have themselves picked up by helicopter from the airports in Geneva, Zurich and Milan. “We also have regular guests who fly to Sitten/Sion in their private jets and then travel to Zermatt with us by helicopter“, says Air Zermatt-CEO Gerold Biner. He could recite the names of many stars and top managers. But there is a cloak of silence here in Zermatt. “We help our passengers to save time”, he says, and recounts how he quickly flew a pair of fitting ski boots to a top manager in the ski resort. A helicopter flight to take well-heeled guests shopping in Milan or St. Moritz is almost an everyday occurrence for Air Zermatt. But also, unfortunately, rescuing guests from the pistes and mountains around Zermatt following accidents.
The man you can rely on
In the five-star hotels, the concierge is the person who knows everything, who coordinates everything and who is aware of the special wishes of his guests: “It is important for us to have a good network”, says Jonathan Klis from the five-star hotel Mont Cervin Palace. As a result, he is able to find a babysitter within a few hours, to obtain theatre tickets and to satisfy other basic requirements, such as organising a ski instructor or a mountain guide. “It’s the special wishes that make it interesting, however”, he adds, and tells how the hotel organised a special fireworks display to celebrate the Russian New Year for their numerous Russian guests. Have there also been wishes that he was not able to fulfil? “Yes” he replies cryptically, with a charming smile that makes it quite clear: that’s all he’s going to say!

The accompanied mountain adventure

Many illustrious guests are, of course, also looking for that authentic mountain experience. Many guides have had regular guests over many years, who they guide on ever different mountains year after year, and also take them skiing in the winter. The President of the Mountain Guide Association, Reinhard Zeiter recounts: “These guests are aware of the value of good service, and will take a taxi or a helicopter flight to ensure that they have a good and eventful day.” The mountain guides are helpers, mentors and experts with regard to the world of the mountains, as well as responsible companions and instructors.

Adventures with the locals

Ralph Schmidhalter, the head of the Swiss ski school, could tell you a great deal about the rich and famous regulars who visit his ski school, which was founded in 1929: “Many of them have butlers and servants at home. And, as ski instructors, we are their personal assistants in Zermatt.” Some instructors have been looking after the same guests for 30 to 40 years. “It can also happen that a ski instructor accompanies his guests for up to three weeks. Not only in Zermatt, but also on trips to the Rocky Mountains in the USA.” Only recently, a ski instructor was even invited to the indoor ski run in Dubai. 

The “Concierge Service VIP Zermatt” of the Stoked ski school also looks after this guest segment, among others. “It’s not only the factors that you can measure that people are looking for“, says Kaspar Stettler from Stoked. And, as an example, refers to the “personalised ski lift chats”. To ensure good harmonisation, appropriate guides are assigned to the guests. Experiences other than purely skiing are also in demand, of course: a visit to a ski factory in Disentis, with transportation there and back by helicopter They sometimes also want to get their kicks from a more action-filled programme, such as a flight to the Aeschihorn, abseiling into glacier crevasses or paragliding in Italy.

The Airport Transfer Service by limousine has become a normal part of the holiday for well-heeled guests

Heli-skiing is very popular with guests from the luxury sector

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