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Ludwigshöhe (4,341 m a.s.l.)

The Ludwigshöhe is one of the nine summits of the Monte Rosa Massif that is uniquely defined as a 4,000-metre summit. The border between Italy, with the Valle d'Aosta und Piedmont regions, and Switzerland runs over it. On the Italian side, facing south-east, the mountains falls steeply away in the direction of Ghiaccaio delle Piode. The Ludwigshöhe was first climbed by a team of surveyors on the 25th August 1822, for purely scientific reasons. Ludwig Freiherr von Welden, a topographist and General of the Austrian K.u.K. monarchy, the leader of the expedition, named no less than eight of the nine peaks of the Monte Rosa Massif. As was generally the case at the start of the 19th century, no names or scientific descriptions existed for these. Von Welden determined the location, name and height of the summit in words, pictures and maps. He was also the first to draw up a map of the complete Monte Rosa Massif.

Origin of the name
The day of the first ascent was the feast day of the sanctified French king Louis IX (in German: Ludwig IX), the 25th of August. Ludwig von Welden gave this as the reason for the name, and not his own name and his achievement.

Information for hikers

Various hiking tips with a view of the mountain

Hike from Gornergrat to the new Monte-Rosa cabin

Mountain railway offers




Information for excursions

Information about the various summits

You have the best view of the Ludwigshöhe from the Gornergrat
With the Gornergrat-Bahn Zermatt - Gornergrat - Zermatt

Short, easy walks or hikes

Rotenboden - Riffelberg

Information for mountaineers / alpinists

Valley location

Alagna Valsesia (1,190 m a.s.l.)

Starting point

Capanna Gnifetti (3,611 m a.s.l.)
Riffugio Città di Mantova (3,498 m a.s.l.)

Various routes

From the Capanna Gugliermina over the SE Ridge, Via degli Italiani
From the Riffugio Gnifetti over the Giordanispétz to the Parrotspitze

Refreshment points / mountain cabins

Capanna Gnifetti (3,611 m a.s.l.)
Riffugio Città di Mantova (3,498 m a.s.l.)

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