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Ski touring

Ski touring is the uncrowned elite discipline among high alpine winter sports and provides unforgettable natural experiences. Until well into May, before the snow starts to melt, you can fasten your touring skis to your feet and, accompanied by a mountain guide, walk up the mountains after fitting "skins" to your skis. The way down again leads through deep snow or, towards the end of the winter season, through "corn snow" in the lower areas, where the flower heads of the unique high alpine flora push through the snow.

It was, in fact a military patrol from Zermatt that won the gold medal in this discipline in the very first Winter Olympics in 1924. Even today, the most famous ski touring race starts in Zermatt every two years: the Patrouille des Glaciers.

The Alpin Center offers both easy and difficult tours, two-day tours and multi-day tours. The best known of these is the Haute Route between Chamonix und Zermatt.

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