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Campfire locations

Leisee - Sunnegga
Directly below the Sunnegga station lies the campfire location and a children’s’ playground. The lakeshore offers excellent sun bathing opportunities in the summer, with the possibility of a refreshing dip in the cool water of the mountain lake.

Blauherd – Wolli's Adventure Land
Wolli's Adventure Land can be found on the left side of the Blauherdbahn. There is a playground with climbing rock faces, a cable run and barbecue facilities for all the family.

Outdoor barbecue area, Gletschergarten (glacier garden) Dossen
A children’s playground, tables and benches, and a barbecue area complete with firewood is available here for families and hikers. A little further up, in the larch and pine forest, information panels explain the phenomena of the glacier garden: potholes, rock faces polished by the ice of the glacier that once existed here, and a former soapstone quarry.

Swiss Family barbecue area in the glacier garden (Gletschergarten)
This barbecue area is located close to the Glacier Garden (Gletschergarten) near Furi.

Schweigmatten – between Furi and the Glacier Garden
The „Schweigmatten“ campfire location is located on the Geltschergarten Weg between Furi and the Glacier Garden.

Two beautiful barbecue spots are on offer, one on the hiking trail towards Zermatt, close to the Mettel bridge, the second on the hiking trail towards Randa, about 1.4 km after the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch.

Altermenzen barbecue and picnic area in Randa
An idyllic spot in the forest is located in the wood close to the Altermenzen camping area in Randa. A brook that can be played in, and even a Vita Parcours (fitness course), are located nearby.

Wood is normally available at the campfire locations.

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