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Zermatt has a movie theater and what kind of: The Vernissage is a piece of art in itself by the artist Heinz Julen. In the multi-functional movie theater with the typical Heinz Julen design and movable chandelier, organizers run current blockbuster, classic show and regularly the homeland films "Whympers way to the Matterhorn" and "People at the Matterhorn Village" – in the '50's with one super 8-camera filmed of August Julen, the father of Heinz Julen. August Julen, guide and ski instructor, learned the craft of film-making from its ski student: Walt Disney. Almost all films run in the original version with german, french or english subtitle. Daily two shows: 17:30 and 20:30. Homeland films are played on Tuesday & Thursday at 18:00. In case of bad weather we have a movie theater presentation in the afternoon at 14:30 (information under 027 966 69 70)

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