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Snow bike world record on Breithorn

The Breithorn (4164 m) near Zermatt has now been mastered with a snow bike: a world record. Never before have no fewer than nine people ridden down on snow bikes from a mountain over 4000 metres high. The adventurous group was made up mainly of Valais celebrities, who rode down from the famous glacier-mountain summit towards the Matterhorn glacier paradise (3883 m). 

The group of nine people included Urs Zenhäusern, Director of Valais Tourism; Daniel Luggen, Director of Zermatt Tourism; Dr. Berno Stoffel, CEO of the Grächen Company; Harald and Lisa Brenter, snow bike manufacturers from Salzburg, Austria; Olivier Andenmatten, OC President; Björn Walter, twice Skibob World Champion and photographer Walter Sören. Mountain guide, George Gruber, led the group up from the Matterhorn glacier paradise. The objective was to reach a 4000-metre summit with a snow bike for the first time and ride it back down after the climb. 

The pioneers set out at 10.25 h, accompanied by snow flurries and fog. This was the first 4000-m peak for twice Skibob World Champion Björn Walter to tackle. Because of the fog, for the first few steps the participants felt as if they were walking on the moon. Luckily weather conditions improved and nothing more stood in the way of the climb. 

The ascent was made on touring skis with skins and carrying snow bikes as backpacks. This made several break out in a sweat, but an all-out effort was made by each and every one to set this world record. And so at 13.15 h, they stood on the summit. All agreed that the exertion had been well worth it. Photos taken on the summit record the memorable moment. The summit stormers were simply elated with the ascent and spoke of a superb natural experience. After the snow bikes had been reassembled, they set off on the enjoyable downhill run.
It was a very special moment for the new world-record holders when they reached the Matterhorn glacier paradise and had to once more fit skins onto their skis for the last section. This once again took every last ounce of energy, particularly as the fog had thickened and the route to the Matterhorn glacier paradise had to be found by GPS. 

Daniel Luggen, Zermatt Tourism Director, says of his experience: “I find it fascinating that a small group can accomplish such an idea and I am proud to have been part of it.” Snow bike manufacturer, Harald Brenter from Salzburg, was also full of praise: “It was the combination of this Alpine experience and the enthusiasm of the people in the team that allowed us to achieve this world record.” His wife Lisa, the only woman on the 4000-metre mountain, said after the climb: “Everything was perfect from beginning to end!” Who knows what sort of record the SBC Grächen will be looking to set next…

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