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Great outlook on the new Monte Rosa Hut

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s touring exhibition on the new Monte Rosa Hut is stopping off in Zermatt. From 16 June to 14 August 2011, detailed information on this complex timber building will be on display at various locations in Zermatt, including on the Gornergrat.

Since the opening of the SAC hut (2883 m) in September 2009, the striking building at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif has become a Zermatt attraction. The exhibition provides detailed information on this attractive, futuristic hut, including its construction features and self-sufficient energy supply. The Crystal, as the hut is also called, is a joint project of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, the Swiss Alpine Club SAC and many specialists.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the 3.5-metre-high, 1:10 scale model in the ticket hall of the Gornergrat Bahn. Not everyone with an interest in mountains will have the opportunity to visit the new Monte Rosa Hut, and so as well as offering views of the actual hut, the platform at the station on the Gornergrat (3089 m) will be equipped with relevant display panels, which will remain in place after the exhibition has closed. Information on ground breaking technology and sustainable building in the Alpine world is also shown on flat screens in the Matterhorn Museum.
Exhibition in Zermatt:
  • Ticket hall of the Gornergrat Bahn: Scale model 1:10
  • Gornergrat: Scale model 1:50, information panels and direct view of hut on the sightseeing platform.
  • Matterhorn Museum: 10 flat screens with information on the hut’s construction and energy supply.
Exhibition in Lausanne:
  • 31.8.-24.9.2011, Forum d’architectures
  • The exhibition will then travel to Copenhagen, Paris and Munich.

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