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That special view: where the world is at its most beautiful

The Gletschergarten (Glacier Garden) in Lucerne is a magnet for mountain fans. Among other items, a special exhibition, “Top of the Alps”, is now showing magnificent mountain panorama pictures from the Zermatt photographer Matthias Taugwalder.

The central element of the exhibition is formed by walk-in rotundas, in which the viewer can view high-resolution 360° photo-panoramas. These giga-pixel images originate from the Zermatt mountaineer Matthias Taugwalder, who, as a photographer and computer scientist, has dedicated himself to drawing up a digital inventory of the Alps. For his panorama pictures, he puts together hundreds of individual images on the computer to create large format pictures. Matthias Taugwalder is a direct descendant of the two mountain guides Peter Taugwalder father and son, who guided Edward Whymper to the summit during the first ascent of the Matterhorn in the year 1865.

Another perspective is shown by the aerial panorama images created by Willi P. Burkhardt. The photographer from the Canton of Nidwalden is the author of a number of illustrated books, and is regarded as a pioneer of helicopter photography. He has created more than 50,000 large format photographs in the last 50 years. The exhibition can be visited up to the 16th September 2012.

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