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Customs and traditions: Zermatt rams Rajan and Jarno to admire


Black-faced sheep characterise Zermatt’s mountain pastures during the summer and are a frequent sight throughout the Upper Valais. The traditional ram market was recently held in Visp and awarded prizes to the finest rams. The Zermatt rams did well. Two of them can be admired in their barn in Zermatt until they are summered.

The cuddling effect of the black-faced sheep is high. This breed of sheep originated in the Upper Valais and its roots date back to pre-Roman times. They look very cute with their black face, black nose, eyes and ears. Even the front of their knees, ankle joints and hooves are black – the rest of their extremely thick wool is white. Both genders form twisted horns. The rams weigh between 80 and 100 kilograms, the ewes between 70 and 80 kg.

Zermatter rams are beautiful
The Upper Valais rams had their grand appearance on 9 March 2013 at the sheep market in Visp. 453 male animals could be admired during the awarding. 10 Zermatt rams received good points: four of them achieved 17 of a total of 18 possible points. Two of them were the rams Rajan and Jarno, two splendid animals aged two and two and a half years. They convinced the jury with their full coat, clean and beautiful marking and imposing size. Moreover, they also impressed with their pronounced horns and fine posture.
Zermatt rams give an audience
On request the two brothers Paul and Ruedi Julen will organise an audience to show the two Zermatt rams Rajan and Jarno at their barn in Zen Stecken. Ruedi Julen also holds the position of President of Zermatt’s Black-Faced Sheep Breeding Association. Ruedi Julen and his family’s hotel, the Europe Hotel & Spa, has chosen the black-faced sheep as the design theme. The bar with its sheep stools is an eye-catcher, and sheepskins as well as large-scale sheep photos on the walls also adorn the rooms. Paul Julen’s establishments also include the restaurant called Schäferstube (sheep herd’s snuggery) with its famous lamb specialties from his own production, the Romantikhotel Julen as well as the Stafelalp restaurant. Paul‘s grandchildren were extremely proud to name the two rams after themselves.

Registration for an audience with Rajan and Jarno:
Hotel Europe, phone 027 966 27 00

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