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Zermatt Festival: Christian Zacharias - an exceptional musician comes to Zermatt


Once again, the Zermatt Festival from 30 August to 15 September is all set to enchant visitors with a unique blend of breath-taking scenery, friendly atmosphere and first-rate classical music in unusual surroundings.

Musicians enjoy performing in Zermatt, far from the madding crowds. “The seclusion of the village and the opportunity to concentrate on nothing but music, hold a great appeal to me”, enthuses pianist and conductor Christian Zacharias. He will be conducting the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana at the opening concert on 30 August on which occasion he will also be performing on the grand piano. The concert will include compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven and Robert Schumann.

Idyllic seclusion
Christian Zacharias, who lives near London, loves Zermatt for its magnificent Matterhorn scenery and seclusion, its “out-of-this-world-ness” as he calls it. What makes Zermatt so special for him is the complete absence of petty distractions. “In Zermatt, I can focus entirely on music”, says Christian Zacharias, stressing how attractive this aspect is for musicians. Which is why he visits the Matterhorn village regularly and not only for the festival. His frequent visits may also be inspired by his fondness for mountain hiking.    The fact that the Zermatt Festival is “all about the music”, that there is no place for glamour or showbiz, really appeals to Christian Zacharias. “It’s a down-to-earth festival, that’s something special”. Initial doubts regarding the relatively small size of the festivals’ traditional concert venues, such as St. Mauritius parish church, the English Church and especially Riffelalp chapel, have been dispelled. According to Christian Zacharias, “the acoustics are great” and the venues all have their very own unique atmosphere. 

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