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Breuil-Cervinia: New aerial cable cars in a hyper-modern design

The Italian neighbours of the Zermatt ski area have upgraded their facilities: The new aerial cable cars in Breuil/Cervinia represent design of the very best, and has substantially increased the transport capacity between Cime Bianche Laghi and Plateau Rosà.

Real Zermatt fans know all about it – the ski adventure on the Italian side of the ski area in Breuil/Cervinia, on the rear side of the Matterhorn, so to speak. The corresponding ski tickets with the designation “Zermatt” – for skiing in Switzerland only – or “international” can be bought in Zermatt. A winter trip to Italy is always a worthwhile idea.

Things have now been upgraded on the Italian side. Since the start of November, two new aerial cable cars transport guests from Cime Bianche Laghi (2,816 m) to the Plateau Rosà (3,458 m). They have a futuristic design, can carry up to 150 people, and provide a total capacity of 1,450 persons per hour. The cabins are fitted with panorama windows that go down to the floor, and open up an unobstructed view in to the Cervinia ski area and the surrounding mountains, including the south side of the Matterhorn. Four HD screens provide information about the ski slopes and the weather. The cable car has a length of 2,900 metres and travels at an operational speed of 12 metres a second. The upgrade and installation work cost a total of 5.9 million Euro.

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