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Zermatt in spring 2013: new ski touring team races for everyone


Zermatt has just gained yet another great sports attraction, the Matterhorn Ultraks. The ski touring team races are to be held every second year from spring 2013 on, with the first ever race taking place on Saturday, 20 April 2013. The courses are to take competitors through the snow-covered slopes of Zermatt. And there is plenty on offer for spectators, too.

The Zermatt Ultraks are new ski touring team races that demand everything of the athletes: acclimatising to high altitudes, endurance, team spirit, and high tech. The courses take competitors through Zermatt’s world of snow and glaciers. The competition is open to teams of two and three members in the categories Women, Men, Juniors and Kids (age 8 to 14). High time, then, to start planning the training units for this tour-de-force endurance race.

Spectators welcome
The Matterhorn Ultraks are certain to enthral spectators, fans and supporters alike. Cheering on the athletes is all part of the fun at the start in Schwarzsee – all in the spirit of an entertaining sporting competition, with the Matterhorn as the backdrop. Zermatt’s network of cable cars and ski lifts is ideal for enabling spectators (skiers and pedestrians alike) to track the competitors’ progress and cheer them on. On race day spectators qualify for a 50% discount on the price of a day ticket for the mountain railways and cableways.

The Ultrak Village at the finish line at Bahnhofplatz in Zermatt also has lots to offer. All the races will be broadcast live on a giant screen, with plenty of catering, entertainment, shopping, music and games on offer.
Ultraks Summer Races
24 August 2013 also sees the first ever staging of the Matterhorn Ultraks Trail Races, over distances of 16, 30 and 46 km. These races will be held annually. Registration for the Matterhorn Ultraks: Skialp Ski Touring Race and Trail (April and August 2013): from 23 December 2012 for both.

As always the Patrouille des Glaciers is organised by the Swiss Army and held every two years, in the pair years. Next instalment: April 2014. The traditional Zermatt Marathon (12th instalment) is being held every year, the next time on 6 July 2013. A new addition, the “Ultra” option, will take from July 2013 on the toughest of competitors right up to the Gornergrat.

Demanding courses

 LengthAltitude differenceAltitude differenceEffort kilometres
1K course20 km+1'300 m-2'300 mapprox. 40
2K course30 km+2'000 m-3'000 mapprox. 40
3K course36 km+2'900 m-3'900 mapprox. 90

1K course:
Schwarzsee – Furgghorn – Unterer Theodulgletscher – Zermatt.

2K course:
Schwarzsee – Furgghorn – Klein Matterhorn – Breithorn – Schwarztor- Gornergletscher.

3K course:
Schwarzsee – Theodulhorn – Klein Matterhorn – Breithorn – Zermatt. Die Strecke für die Kinder befindet sich beim Schwarzsee.
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