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Glacier Garden now with suspension bridge

The Dossen Glacier Garden in Zermatt has an attraction more since June 2011. Thanks to the newly constructed suspension bridge spanning the Gorner Gorge, the walk to the Glacier Garden from the Furi aerial cableway station will now take less than 30 minutes.

“The Dossen Glacier Garden above Furi is Switzerland’s largest glacier garden,” says Dany Biner, Zermatt Municipal Councillor and project leader of the enhancement work. The 100-metre-long suspension bridge is near the Furi aerial gondola station and crosses the Gornera from Gandegg to Dossen at a dizzying height of 90 metres above the gorge.

Numerous glacier potholes can be seen in the Glacier Garden as well as a centuries-old disused quarry for soapstone, also known as potstone. The paths are well laid out and made safe with wooden guardrails where necessary.
Information panels explain the process of landscape change caused by the enormous growth and shrinkage of glaciers. Larch, stone pine and other trees offer shade and lend the landscape a fascinating appearance. A barbecue spot is an inviting place to take a break in this impressive landscape.

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