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Reserve your overnight at the New Monte Rosa hut!

It looks like a glass crystal and is almost completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, while at the same time being reasonably priced: The new Monte Rosa hut at 2810 metres above sea level. Since March 10, the hut has begun offering normal guest services. 

After about six years on the drawing board and a construction phase spanning two summers, the New Monte Rosa Hut above Zermatt open for business on 25th September 2009. 

2,883 meters above sea level, the New Monte Rosa Hut is currently the most complex wooden construction in Switzerland. Covered in a shimmering silver aluminium shell and with a photovoltaic system integrated in the southern facade, it generates its own power and is expected to be at least 90 percent energy self-sufficient. Solar collectors installed in the grounds generate solar heat, which provides warm water and heats the ventilation system’s supply air to control the temperature in the rooms. In the few months of the year where the ice melts, the water is collected and stored in a cavern to provide the guests with flush toilets and four hot showers. 

With its combination of outstanding architecture and groundbreaking technology, the project heralds a new chapter in sustainable building. ETH Zurich is looking to use it as an example of how marrying excellent architecture with sustainability and state-of-the-art technology can work. For the SAC – with over 120,000 members, one of the biggest sports unions in Switzerland – the building of the new hut is a milestone in its 145-year hut history.

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