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Hiking and sniffing out on the Matterhorn

Seventh heaven for dogs and their owners: hiking in an untouched natural world with views of the Matterhorn. Now those interested can hike with their dogs and also discover how a rescue dog learns its job through play.

Zermatt is an untouched natural world. Unfortunately it can happen that hikers have to be rescued with the use of dogs. For this reason, dogs and their owners can take part in training courses in rescue work in this high-Alpine landscape.

Hiking and sniffing out
The training courses for dogs and their owners offer the chance to get to know how the dog can be led to rescue skills and how the own dog reacts to this challenge. The course itself is not a rescue formation. But interested persons with dogs get the possibility to know the work around the rescue and the rescue skills of the destination Zermatt Matterhorn. The courses show the possible work of a search dog in an entertaining way, with hiking, watching and actually trying things out. The courses are suitable for guests and local people who are capable of hiking for 2.5 hours in the mountains with their dogs.The dogs must be at least 1 and no more than 5 to 7 years old.

On the first day, dogs and owners get to know each other before boarding the aerial cableway to Furi for the hike to Schwarzsee. The hike takes around 2.5 hours, with a picnic along the way including a view of the Matterhorn. The first lesson gives dog owners an insight into the life of a rescue dog – by watching a trained dog and then trying things out with own dogs. This is followed by check-in at the Berghaus Schwarzsee and a presentation on avalanche rescue dogs. The second day involves actual rescue-dog training.

Course dates: 21./22.7., 11./12.8., 1./2.9.2012, always Saturday & Sunday.

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