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Air Zermatt: Experience the mountain rescuers in the Himalayas up close.

Air Zermatt is world famous. But it not only rescues alpinists from the steepest faces of the 4000-metre mountains around Zermatt. Working together with local people, it has also built up a new rescue station in the Himalayas. This work will be shown on TV at the end of December 2011. But there will first be film premieres in Zermatt and Visp.

Swiss TV has spent months filming the cooperation between Air Zermatt and the Zermatt Rescue Station in the Himalayas. These pictures will now be shown in two pre-premieres in Visp and Zermatt in the context of a documentary film series, and will also be broadcast on SF1 (see below for more information).

Up to now, no-one has dared to carry out helicopter rescues at heights of up to and above 7,000 metres, because this has been regarded as simply too dangerous. This has now changed, because Air Zermatt, together with the pilots of Fishtail Air from Nepal, has now pushed ahead with the construction of a rescue station in the Himalayas. The documentary series deals with courage, with flying at the limits and the fate of the pilots, mountain rescuers and mountaineers in the middle of this world of 8,000-metre mountains. A tragic crash occurred during the filming of this series, which cast a shadow over the project. But the work goes on.

Among many other things, the new CEO of Air Zermatt, Gerold Biner, the head of the Rescue Station Zermatt, Bruno Jelk, and their colleagues from Nepal can be seen at work, carrying out glacier crevasse rescues and training with the helicopter and the longline. And, of course, the mountains around Mount Everest (8,848 m).

Pre-premiere in Zermatt
Saturday, 17th December, Walka Gym. Starts at 7 p.m., doors open from 6.30 m. Admission free. The film lasts 50 minutes, and will be preceded by a panel discussion with Frank Senn, film writer, and displays of Air Zermatt and the rescue station. With panel discussion. Moderator: Adrian Arnold.

Broadcasts on SF1:
Tuesday, 27.12, 9.05 p.m. – Mountain rescuers in the Himalayas, Part I Wednesday, 28.12, 8.50 p.m. – Part II Thursday, 29.12, 9.00 p.m. – Part III

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