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31st Täschalp-run and Alpine Celebration

The start is in Täsch and your destination and aim is to reach the Täschalp ASAP! The stretch is 7.64 km long and participants have a total 780 meters to ascend in the categories Runners, Folks-Runners and Nordic Walking. The traditional Älplerfest along with Holy Mass, canteen-style catering and musical entertainment is naturally also part of the programme: healthy enjoyment and a breath of fresh air in the framework of an event that introduces guests and participants to the natural beauty and culture of this delightful region.
Sunday, 20 July 14
Category: Customs, Market
Locality: Täschalp
Add. Info: CHF 25
Phone: +41 27 967 16 89
Booking info: Zermatt Tourismus, Büro in Täsch, 3929 Täsch

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