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New hiking guide book “Tour Monte Rosa – Matterhorn” is published


It is among the classics of mountain trekking – the tour around the Monte Rosa massif. The 190 kilometre long route can be completed by experienced hikers in diverse day tours. The informative guide provides information about the route through the Walser culture around the Monte Rosa massif.

The second edition of the guide book is published just in time for the 10-year anniversary of “Tour Monte Rosa – Matterhorn”. Remo Nanzer’s booklet has been revised by Roland Nanzer. It once again creates a desire for boundless hiking in one of the most attractive hiking areas of the Alpine arc. The booklet is divided into nine categories which feature the possible nine daily stages, starting from Zermatt via Theodul Pass. Route profile, altitude difference, hiking times, telephone numbers, maps and much more details help to plan the tour.

Places of interest
The booklet also repeatedly addresses the most attractive places of interest in short, informative passages. It also features information about mountains, geological structures, alternative possibilities, route characterisation, distances, pictograms for restaurants and overnight accommodations. Short sections about flora, fauna and the history of the Walser are in the appendix. This is a booklet that fits in any rucksack!

“Tour Monte Rosa – Matterhorn” – in the footsteps of the Walser around the Monte Rosa massif. Rottenverlag Vips; 2nd edition; CHF 25 (only in German).

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