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“Welcome”-Terminal for the convenience of the guests

Platform, parking spaces and a kiosk with small bistro-style standing tables are now available to incoming guests in Zermatt. The “Welcome” Terminal “Urania” in the Spiss was recently opened. There is also available a car from the car sharing cooperative society Mobility.

Anyone who travels to Zermatt by taxi, minibus or car will now find a new infrastructure that is both hospitable and generous. The kiosk, a transfer platform and a wheelchair-accessible toilet area are located in the glass-roofed reception area. External tradesmen can park their vehicles on the 100 day-parking spaces in the two-storey car park underneath.

In addition to the usual range of kiosk articles, you can also buy hot beverages, sandwiches and Valais specialities from Zermatt in Fredy Zuber’s kiosk, as well as cheese from the Horu-Käserei (dairy) and air-dried meat specialities from the Matterhorn Fleisch AG (local speciality butcher). The construction of the terminal was able to be realised thanks to the contract between the municipality and the owner of the site, Klaus Julen. Since the end of January 2012 there is also available a car of the car sharing cooperative society Mobility.

Handover of the keys in the Welcome Parking Täsch
For many Zermatt guests, the holiday begins in Täsch. Ten years ago, the Seiler Hotels, together with the Riffelalp Resort, therefore opened their own Welcome Parking in Täsch. After ten years of service to guests, Paula and Gilbert Imboden are now retiring, and the family company “Taxi Fredy” has now taken over the guest services on the site. The company has been in existence for almost 40 years, and guarantees guests a continuation of this five-star service.

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