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Mountain restaurants Findlerhof and Chez Vrony: specialities aboard Swiss flights


Zermatt’s mountain restaurants are in a class of their own and enjoy world renown. “Findlerhof” and “Chez Vrony” are among the excellent mountain restaurants, and their culinary specialities will be presented to passengers aboard Swiss flights in winter 2013/2014.

Zermatt has over 50 mountain restaurants with sun-drenched terraces. Most of them also have a view of the Matterhorn, such as “Chez Vrony” and “Findlerhof”, two restaurants that prepare food for their guests in the hamlet of Findeln 2,200 m up, using the greatest of culinary skill. Now the specialities of both mountain restaurants can be enjoyed this winter aboard Swiss flights – on long-haul flights in business and first class.
Menus on board Swiss present Findlerhof’s Heida wine soup with Valais jerky and cheese and the popular perch filets in a saffron sauce and sepia noodles. Chez Vrony serves Valais veal stew with mushrooms and dried apricot sauce, as well as coq au vin with parmesan polenta. Visitors to Zermatt know that it tastes best on site.
  • Findlerhof, Findeln, 14 points in GaultMillau
  • Chez Vrony, 13 points in GaultMillau
  • The mountain restaurants in Findeln accessible from Sunnegga

The restaurant Findlerhof presents the famous perch fillets with sepia noodles on board Swiss flights.

Business and first class passengers can enjoy culinary delights from Zermatt.

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