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Swatch Skiers Cup in Zermatt: up close and personal with the stars of freeriding


The top stars of the freerider scene are in Zermatt until Friday, 15 February 2013, so there’s still plenty for spectators to see and enjoy. The next contest is on Thursday, February 14, at Breitboden beneath the Hohtälli and Gornergrat Railways. And that means lots of entertainment and partying.

This friendly clash of the titans of freeriding features Cody Townsend (Captain Americas) and Kaj “Dreadlocks” Zackrisson (Captain Europe). The two teams already squared up at the first showdown (Big Mountain) in the mountains of Zermatt on Saturday, February 9. On that occasion Team Europe emerged victorious (11:5).

Up close and personal with the freeriders
There’s plenty of entertainment on the programme from Wednesday to Friday (13th to 15th Fabruary, from 3 pm to 7 pm), with music, official commentary and games, at the Swatch Skiers Cup Event Village next to the Swatch Store on Bahnhofstrasse in Zermatt. With photos of the event. Autographs on Friday, 5.30-6 pm.

Backcountry Slopestyle Contest, Thuresday
Thuresday, 14th Fabruary at Breitboden. Access for spectators (with skis!) who want to go to the finish area at Breitboden: With Gornergrat Bahn Railway (up to the top) from Zermatt at 7/8/8.24 h. Ski descent on slope 29 down to Breitboden. Or by Sunnegga-Express from 8.30 h am. Slope via Findeln, Eja, chairlift to Breitboden.

From 9 to 11 am. Finish area at Breitboden. Award ceremony at 11-11.30 h.

Thuresday evening, 14.2., 10 pm, Backcountry Slopestyle Party, Vernissage.  Friday evening, 15.2., 11 pm, Swatch Skiers Cup 2013 Official Pary. 

For all information for exact hours, also at last minute all around the events and programs of the Swatch Skiers Cup, see the websites below.

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