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Credit Suisse Study: Zermatt top in offers and demand

Eighty per cent of regular guests who come to Zermatt every winter know why. Zermatt is top in terms of offers and demand. This is also proved by the latest Credit Suisse study on the most successful winter destinations from 6 December 2011. And Zermatt is not the most expensive!

Credit Suisse has published a study entitled “Swiss Tourism – Competing Winter Sports Destinations” in which Zermatt takes first place among Switzerland‘s leading winter destinations. The study analysed 31 winter sport destinations. It shows that Zermatt, and in some segments also St. Moritz, have the widest range of offers, but that Zermatt is ahead in terms of demand. This means that Zermatt is popular across the board. And guests know which top offers await them in Zermatt. In terms of room prices, Zermatt takes “only” fifth place behind Gstaad, St. Moritz, Sils in the Engadin and Verbier.

The mix makes the difference
Zermatt scores astoundingly well as follows: highest marks for entertainment, second-highest for accommodation, third for winter sports infrastructure, fourth for climatic and scenic conditions and fifth for summer infrastructure.

In the demand segment, Zermatt is shown to be the absolute frontrunner with above-average bed-occupancy rates and little seasonal fluctuation. The reason for this could lie in the fact that Zermatt has increasingly focused on events that extend the season. Cultural events in particular are often independent of the weather and, according to the study, can be staged in the low season (example the Zermatt Unplugged music festival).
To quote the study: “The two top destinations of Zermatt and St. Moritz succeed in attracting guests from all over the world. They owe this success to wide-ranging and correspondingly attractive offers that satisfy almost every requirement. With the Matterhorn, Zermatt also has an unparalleled jewel in its crown. Tourists travel to Zermatt from all over the world to marvel at the Matterhorn.” Also mentioned is the altitude of the mountain rail and cableways (3880 m) in Zermatt, a guarantee of snow. Additional trumps: a ski area on a glacier with summer skiing. And “Zermatt offers ... a wide variety of shopping and has a professional and appealing Internet appearance.” Zermatt also achieves a relatively high amount per room per night and according to the study, the number of overnight stays has enjoyed “above average growth”.

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