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29 talents play free-of-charge in front of an unforgettable view

Zermatt Unplugged presents 12 New Talents from Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and Australia in addition to the Headliner main programme. This means: 29 free New Talents concerts with bands and singer-songwriters to discover and enjoy. Daily from 12 noon to 1 a.m. in the morning. On stages up to 2,288 metres above sea level from the 17th to the 21st April 2012.

Five days of festival events from the 17th to the 21st April: altogether, this means: 26 acts on nine stages in a total of 42 acoustic shows. The advance sales for the new Sunnegga Sessions concerts series have already been opened. The concerts of the Basel vocal sensation Anna Aaron, the Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow and Starsailor front man James Walsh are programmed for sunset on Sunnegga, and offer a complete package with train ticket, aperitif, standing buffet and the concert in an exclusive setting of 100 guests.

The New Talents concerts are free of charge: 13 acts from Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and Australia will play a total of 29 concerts, every day from 12 noon up to 1 o’clock in the morning. The stages are located in the village (Cervo, Alex, Foyer Marquee, Pink) as well as in the ski area (Blue Lounge) – there is now also a stage at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, an Official Partner of the festival.
New Talent history
The name "New Talent" has existed since 2011. Nevertheless, Swiss bands and singer-songwriters, as well as musicians from Europe and overseas, have been appearing on the smaller stages outside the Club Vernissage and the Marquee Stage from the very beginning of Zermatt Unplugged.

2011: 77 Bombay Street (CH), Anna Kaenzig (CH), Baby Genius (CH), Hej Francis! (CH/VS), Max Luck (GB), Lina Button (CH), James Gruntz (CH), Tomazobi (CH), Stevans (CH/GE), K.O.L.O (CH/GE), Chamber Soul (CH/USA), Kat Frankie (D/Australien), Steff La Cheffe (CH), Mo Blanc (CH), Bastian Baker in the Montreux Jazz Boat (CH)

2010: The Alex & Phil Extravaganza (CH/GB), Lee Everton (CH), Richard Baker (CH), Brothertunes (CH), Patrick Jonsson (CH), Lesley Meguid (CH/USA), Strozzini (CH), Dr. Nick & the Placidyls (CH), Ds' Personal (CH/VS), Migu (CH)

2008: Lingworm (CH/VS), Made in Mind (CH), Reto Burell (CH), J.D. Roth (CH), Trummer (CH)

The Acts

We Invented Paris - CH

Indie-Pop, "train driving music" (Flavian Graber)
A melancholic joie de vivre radiates from the songs of the Basel quartet “We Invented Paris”. The band drew attention to itself with a couch-surfing tour through Germany and Switzerland. Rooftop concerts, speed gigs: and We Invented Paris finally landed up in the TV Noir concerts, one of the most famous singer-songwriter formats in the German-speaking area.
>> Debut album "We Invented Paris", December 2011

Kummerbuben - CH
"Junk rock, wanderlust folk and daredevil polka" (Homepage)
They are actually well-know for messing up old Swiss folk songs, but that’s all finished now. Once the Kummerbuben even started on the Bernese Ballet, the leap into the future had been made, and the new album promises songs in which they themselves have both composed and written the lyrics. They will rock you, Mr and Mrs. Schweizer.
>> 24th February 2012: third album "Weidwund"

Aliose - CH
She is the Vanessa Paradis of Western Switzerland: Alizé. Together with Xavier, they are called Aliose and have been making music together since 2004. Aliose appeared with Je n'suis pas folle in the competition for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. Now playing as a quartet, they are releasing a brand new album in March.

Hecht - CH
Indie Rock, dialect
Abstract confessions of love, crumpled ballads and catchy disco numbers: the Hecht (German for pike) swims and is a predatory fish, he is wild. Singer Stefan Buck tells everyday stories in his very own Lucerne dialect. Experiences in the tram, on a carousel or in the the storeroom. Our Zermatt Unplugged gig for yearned-for ecstasy.
>> New album in May

Al Pride - CH
The Aargau quartet Al Pride is travelling between the planets of the pop universe. Catchy melodies, a pinch of folk, in short: music that warms the heart. Hello Blue Light is the name of their debut album.

Dabu Fantastic - CH
Dialect, Hip Hop, Funk, Pop
Agglo Disco, Discochugle, Disco Fantastic and please don’t ask why. On their third album, Dabu Fantastic, the kids from the Zurich agglomeration, have moved far away from Hip Hop. They still have a huge need to communicate, however, and are enjoying a steadily growing fan base. They have created their very own show for Zermatt Unplugged, completely without MC and DJ.

Ruarri Joseph - GB
Independent, Folk
The Tales of Grime and Grit ensure warm toes. Ruarri Joseph will probably be the first musician at Zermatt Unplugged to play barefoot or in flip-flops on an outdoor stage. Firmly rooted for many years in the singer-songwriter scene of the British Isles, Ruarri plays with musicians like David Gray, Paolo Nutini or the Welsh band Funeral for a Friend. Anywhere but London.

Kellner - D
Folk, Blues, Pop
Like lunatics "on the road", that is the Lower Bavarian band Kellner. Born from a pop music Ich-AG, the Kellner star has been shining in the music heaven since 2009, and points south. On their Unplugged-Tour The Road Sessions, Kellner will be honouring us in our high-mountain cul-de-sac, and promise a solid show.

Patrick Bishop - CH
Pop, Folk
It's the quiet sounds of the world that Bishop captures and takes with him as his companions on his journey, in long and often entangled paths from the small stages and cellars of the city centre of Bern out into the wide world.

Ray Mann - Au
Blues, Soul
The Australian Ray Mann scraped together all his money in order to come to the creative metropolis of Berlin. With his online project The Sketches, the musician, who visualise every appearance with projections, brings out a new song and a new video every month. A Farewell Australia show of a somewhat different type awaits us.

Carrousel - CH
Pop, Chanson
With poetically biting lyrics and an instrumentation such as accordion, guitar, ukulele, melodica and kalimba, the gentle music of Carrousel reminds you of the sun in the South, the wind that passes over the mountain, or of the "The Fabulous World of Amélie". A musical, magical spring offering from Western Switzerland.
>> New album on the 12th March

Advance ticket sales

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