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Zermatt hotels: outstanding, authentic, with a personal touch

Zermatt hotels once again performed well in this year’s hotel rating by the Swiss business magazine, BILANZ. The surprise: Leni Müller-Julen, hotelier at the **** Hotel-Garni Coeur des Alpes, was awarded the title of Hotel Businesswoman of the Year. According to BILANZ, the guest feels as if he is staying with a friend who has excellent taste.
In the ranking list of best holiday hotels, the ***** Hotel Riffelalp Resort won bronze in third place. Here the emphasis is placed “with success on authenticity rather than artificiality, on soft rather than rock-hard tourism.” In the rating on special aspects, the location of the Riffel Resort topped the rest: 1st place.

A total of four Zermatt hotels are found among the top 25 Swiss holiday hotels. In addition to the Riffelalp Resort, the Omnia Mountain Lodge took 12th place (previous year 26th; and also 2nd place in excellent service), the ***** Mont Cervin Palace took 18th place and the **** Mirabeau Hotel & Residence in 25th place. BILANZ considers the Mirabeau to be one of the hotels that understand how to remain competitive as a family-run business “through style, service and quality”.
The Zermatt shooting star is the Sonnmatten, which gained 8th place among the best three-star and Unique Holiday Hotels in Switzerland. In 1st place was the Coeur des Alpes.

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