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The Matterhorn as filled pasta

This is something for real gourmets. From the start of August 2011, there will be mini-Matterhorns (Matterhörnli) to eat, in the form of filled pasta. They will be served as an exclusive dish in a lot of  restaurants in Zermatt.. 

They have been tinkering around for a long time, these gourmet specialists. After all, the Matterhorn does have a complex shape. The question was: What should be the consistency of the dough to ensure that the “Hore*” would not collapse upon itself while being cooked? Roman Bernegger from the pasta producer Novena in Ulrichen, for one, has been tinkering with the idea. 

Heinz Rufibach, who first had the idea for an edible Matterhörnli: “We wanted to create something together that would be unique for Zermatt.” And that has now been achieved. The members of the “Cercle Chefs de cuisine Zermatt” association recently paid a culinary visit to Novena in Ulrichen and examined the “Horeli”. And found it tasty. The pasta filled with Zermatt cheese and Eringer Hauswurst (speciality sausage) will be exclusively prepared for Zermatt guests. For example, with Munder saffron sauce. 

“We could also imagine serving the “Horeli” in a sweet version, for example, filled with apricot”, explains Heinz Rufibach, Cuisinier in the Hotel Alpenhof. The Matterhorn pasta will celebrate its premiere on Friday evening, 5th August, on the occasion of the Gault Millau Kitchen Party, (reservation necessary). The first Swiss Food Festival in Zermatt then begins, and lasts until Sunday, 7th August. 

* Hore = Valais-German name for the Matterhorn

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