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Gravity Park: new airbag allows daring jumps

The Zermatt Gravity Park has another big attraction: freestylers and pros can now perfect their jumps on a huge airbag. Therewith the summer snow sport region on the Plateau Rosa thus offers even more training opportunities.

The airbag, called Air2Bag, is 15 metres wide 15 metres long and almost 3 metres high. Tricks in the half pipe can go wrong with even a simple move. The soft landing on the airbag means that technically difficult jumps in the repertoire can now be practised with reduced risk of injury. This Air2Bag is available for use in the Gravity Park only in the augut’s weeks 2012.

Summer training ground
Zermatt is snow sport on 365 days a year. Skiers, snowboarders and freestylers will find top training opportunities on 21 kilometres of summer pistes. The entire world meets in the Gravity Park. Zermatt is a summer snow sport paradise.

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