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“Zermatt Matterhorn” on Facebook: A picture speaks more than a thousand words

Facebook is the top platform for that happy holiday feeling. With spectacular images and news snippets, the “Zermatt Matterhorn” page reminds holiday-hungry people all over the world about the Matterhorn. Over 4000 fans take a regular look.

François from France asked “Does anyone know which restaurants serve local specialities in the evening.” This grew into an exchange of information between Zermatt Matterhorn fans. Many post their most beautiful photos on the official page of Zermatt Tourism. Others simply enjoy these and comment. As was the case with the Matterhorn pictured in a mystic ambiance of pink and soft violet. That generated well over 200 “I Like” responses.

Regular visitors write of their longing for the mountain of mountains. The Japanese enjoy flower photos. And black-nose sheep, marmots and black-neck goats produce reactions such as “aah”, “cute” and “marvellous”.
Target: 4478 fans
“Zermatt Matterhorn” is focusing on 4478 Facebook fans until summer 2011. A special offer with a prize draw will start in the near future. But why this exact number? It’s the height of the Matterhorn, the world’s most photographed mountain. The larger the Zermatt Matterhorn fan community, the easier, faster and less complicated it is to spread around the world information on events and pictures that appeal to the emotions. And the Facebook motto is “Look in, join in, post!

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