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Zermatt Dog Worlds 2010 – Become your own "Dog Coach"!

The Zermatt Dog Worlds is taking placer for the first time from 30.06.2010 to 06.07.2010 in cooperation with the Hotel Simi and the Seiler Hotel Mont Cervin Palace. At five different events, subjects with regard to the successful dialogue between human beings and dogs will be handled. Find out more about the cross-species communication between humans and dogs, about the social and learning behaviour of dogs, about the parallels in anxiety and stress behaviour between dogs and humans or about the training of rescue and avalanche dogs at Air Zermatt, and visit the dog appointments for man and dog. 

The speaker, Dr. Barbara Wardeck-Mohr, is an author for various specialised dog magazines, including the Schweizer Hundemagazin (Swiss Dog Magazine), a radio expert on the subject of humans and dogs, and a recognised expert according to the Thuringian Ordinance regarding Dangerous Dogs. 

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