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Air Zermatt with its mountain rescue teams on SF 1

The mountain rescuers of Air Zermatt come to the help of accident victims and rescue people in distress. For some time now, the pilots of Air Zermatt have been working together with mountain rescuers in the Himalayas. The TV programme “DOK: To be continued” follows up the stories of the rescuers and the rescued. The mountain rescuers Daniel Aufdenblatten and Richi Lehner, who have been presented with the Heroism Award, can also be seen in “Aeschbacher”.

For Gerold Biner, chief pilot of Air Zermatt, it is part of everyday life for himself and his team to recover the bodies of mountaineers who have fallen to their deaths or rescue casualties from emergency situations, thereby saving lives. In 2007, for example, a ski tourist only survived a 15 metre fall into a glacier crevasse thanks to the professional work of the mountain rescuers from Air Zermatt and from the Zermatt Alpine Rescue Centre. In the DOK programme “To be continued”, rescued people tell us about their good fortune. The programme is a moving documentary film with breathtaking footage of the Zermatt mountain world and the majestic mountains of the Himalayas.

SF1, Friday, 13th May, 9,.00 p.m., DOK to be continued Repeats:
14th May 2011 at approx. 5:45 a.m. on SF1
15th May 2011 at approx 2:05 p.m. on SF1

SF1, Thursday, 26th May 2011, 10.20 p.m., Aeschbacher, “Findet mich das Glück?”
Aeschbacher, “Findet mich das Glück?”
The mountain rescuers from Air Zermatt themselves are know busy sharing their great experience. They are supporting a project in Nepal in which they train Nepalese helipilots and mountain rescuers for deployments at high altitudes. Daniel Aufdenblatten and Richi Lehner carried out a spectacular mountain rescue at 7,000 metres (22,000 feet) in April 2010 during one of these training periods. This earned them international praise and the “Aviation Oscar”, the Heroism Award of Aviation Week. In “Aeschbacher”, they talks about the award that they received in Washington D.C. in March 2011, and how it felt to be greeted as heroes in the village of Zermatt.

Air Zermatt chief pilot Gerold Biner in action.

The Zermatt mountain rescue team Richi Lehner (on the left, mountain rescuer) and helicopter pilot Daniel Aufdenblatten on the Annapurna in Nepal.

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