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Air Zermatt: New member in the fleet


Air Zermatt’s helicopter fleet has a new member. The latest addition is an Ecureuil B3, a helicopter suitable for transport, taxi and sightseeing flights.

Air Zermatt’s pilots have a worldwide reputation for the breath-taking rescue operations they carry out together with the mountain rescue team. However, the company also offers transport, taxi and sightseeing flights which cross-finance its rescue work.

The new member of the Air Zermatt fleet, an Ecureuil B3 helicopter, is registered as HB-ZVS which, according to the aviation alphabet, is expressed as “Zulu-Victor-Sierra”. The new helicopter is capable of transporting up to five people – for example on a trip around the Matterhorn.
Sightseeing flight prices start at CHF 220 per person (3 passengers or more). The cost of a taxi flight from Zurich is CHF 6,140. At present, the company has around 55 employees, 10 of which are pilots.

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