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TripAdvisor: Zermatt the only Swiss destination


On 21 May 2013 TripAdvisor published the most popular 2013 destinations. Zermatt figures as the only Swiss destination in the top 25 Europe ranking, in 24th position.

“This distinction shows once again that Zermatt stands out from other Swiss destinations due to its exclusive offering” says Marc Scheurer, Marketing Director of Zermatt Tourism. Based on millions of assessments and opinions from TripAdvisor travellers, the distinction honours top travel destinations throughout the world.

Paris is in front for tourists in 2013, having climbed three places compared to last year to reach the top position. New York and London come in second and third respectively. Zermatt scores in Europe and with 24th place enters the current popularity ranking of TripAdvisor users as the only Swiss destination.

Internet ratings increasingly important
TripAdvisor is the largest travel portal in the world, regularly presenting meaningful ratings. It is based on the evaluation of millions of entries and expressions of opinion from travellers throughout the world. The presence of Zermatt in the TripAdvisor rating demonstrates not only how popular the destination is but also how active Zermatt guests are on the Internet.

Zermatt is top
A TripAdvisor ranking had already shown in January 2013 that the destination is very popular. Of the 25 best Swiss hotels 9 are located in Zermatt, with the Hotel Matterhorn Focus foremost in 2nd place.

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