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Damage Inventory

The dramatic development of tourist infrastructure some decades ago also left various problems behind it in Zermatt. In 2002, the Zermatt Bergbahnen AG therefore arranged for an inventory to be drawn up of all the earlier damage and of the residual damage to the landscape. These have then been successively returned to their natural state by means of an implementation plan that is updated every year. More than 85% of all the prioritised damaged had already been made good by today. 

Damage inventory in German:
Schlussbericht Schadeninventar 2007_08 (PDF: 64 Seiten, 16.1MB)
Schlussbericht Schadeninventar 2006 (PDF: 28 Seiten, 2MB) 
Schlussbericht Schadeninventar 2005 (PDF: 19 Seiten, 548KB) 
Schlussbericht Schadeninventar 2004 (PDF: 54 Seiten, 2.1MB) 
Schadeninventarkarte Seite Rothorn (PDF: 1.7MB) 
Schadeninventarkarte Seite Gornergrat (PDF: 2MB) 
Schadeninventarkarte Seite Matterhorn (PDF: 1.5MB) 

Picture: Remains of facilities that are no longer in operation – recorded in the Damage Inventory and already removed.

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