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You've never planned you perfect holiday so quickly in your life. You can download our brochures here in PDF form. For a first impression, try out our service and browse through the most important items on-line.

At any time we are able to give you a concrete offer according to your wishes and also to book for you the holiday of your choice.

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Image brochure
Breathtaking panoramic and village views of Zermatt, Täsch, Randa and surroundings.


Good night
All overnight accommodation options in Zermatt – from camping to 5* hotel.

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Planning to hold your next meeting in Zermatt? Looking for a conference room? This brochure will help you take the first steps.


Restaurants, Bars
What to eat where? Find the answer and much more in this brochure.

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Activity Planner
Various opportunities for active and relaxing holidays.


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Adventure in the mountains
Discover the activities in the Zermatt mountain world – this brochure has something for everyone.


Family holidays
Family-friendly experiences, accommodation and restaurants as well as summer and winter activities in and around Zermatt.

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Bike tours
So that bikers don't end up off the beaten track: detailed descriptions of official bike tours.


Bike map
General overview of bike routes: the ideal companion to bike tours.

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Chapel guide
Gems of art history in the Zermatt mountain world: discover fascinating facts on our 18 chapels in Zermatt, Täsch and Randa.


Botanical trail
Discover the beauty of Zermatt's world of flora and the extraordinary wealth of special botanical features.

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Furi - a world full of experiences
Furi, a region simply inviting tourists to hike along its trails, visit one of its many homely restaurants and discover everything it has to offer.

  Aqua trail (5-lakes trail)
Discover the distinctive character of five mountain lakes.

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Cross-country skiing
Enjoy cross-country skiing in Täsch and Randa


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Daily activities & winter events 2013/14
Zermatt offers a varied programme of winter events. Find out more here.


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Brochure China

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Brochure Russia

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Brochure Japan

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Brochure Korea

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Brochure Thailand

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Brochure Taiwan

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