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Summer offers

Waterfalls, glaciers and eternal ice: water can be experienced in fascinating fashion in the high mountains around Zermatt. As a crystal-clear glacier lake, as the end point of a hike, as a symbol of concentrated energy in the Grande Dixence hydro-electrical power plant or in the eternal testimony to the last Ice Age in the Dossen Glacier Garden: the Zermatt landscape can tell many awe-inspiring tales on the theme of water.

The Z’Mutt pumping station at the far end of the Mattertal valley is the most powerful pumping station of the Grande Dixence hydroelectric installations. It is fed by the waters of the Bis and Schali glaciers, which overlook the River Vispa, as well as by streams flowing from the Gorner glacier.
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The Gletschergarten Dossen (glacier garden) – a witness of the last Ice Age - is located above Furi (1,953 m. above sea level), about 30 minutes from the hamlet. The retreat of the Gornergletscher glacier, the second largest glacier in the Alps, has left potholes exposed here.
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Enjoy the idyllic ambience at the various lakes around Zermatt and marvel at the reflection of the mighty Matterhorn. The lakes are also excursion destinations for people of all ages, with plenty of space to relax, revitalize, sunbathe, cool off, play games and barbecue.
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Fly fishing is a sport popular throughout the world and also has a passionate following in Switzerland. Fly fishing is a method of angling, different in that the bait, known as a fly, is too light to be cast. For this reason, the load for casting is provided by the weight of the special fishing line.
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