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Zermatt hotels: Top-class, but always looking to be even better

Zermatt has a new five-star hotel. But there’s even more – the Zermatt hotels are making the stay even better for their guests, with extended spas, wonderful fitness rooms and the very best service.

Zermatt now has four five-star hotels. The address of the latest five-star hotel is “Auf dem Fels“. It is the “The Omnia”, which has now been completely reclassified by the hotel industry organisation “hotelleriesuisse”. The “Omnia” is thereby newly classified as a Five-star Hotel Unique. It was opened in June 2006 and has increasingly made a name for itself through design, cuisine and oenology. The restaurant in the airy heights with a view over the village also serves guests who are not staying in the hotel. And new life is arising in “The Cavern” club located deep in the rocks, with illustrious guests sipping exquisite drinks and listening to music.

The Hotel Phoenix now has a Fitness Centre with 23 pieces of fitness equipment from the Cybex company, specially designed for strength and endurance training. A team of physiotherapists are available to provide the guests with consultation and other services. Guests who are not staying in the hotel are also welcome.

The Parkhotel Beau-Site has been investing in the Wellness and Spa area for the last three years. The large swimming complex with wellness area was opened in 2009. The new Beauty and Massage area is now available this year. Under the motto “Wellness from all around the world”, you can now take a relaxing trip to the Orient, to South Africa, India, Hawaii, Asia or Japan. The names of the applications alone will already elicit deep sighs of relaxation: Princess Scheherazade, Pasha Deluxe, Mafuta, Jikiden Reiki, Hot Stone-Touch and - of course - Zermatt Touch. Guests who are not staying in the hotel can also use the whole Wellness area by booking an application in advance.

In the Hotel Alex, you can not only enjoy indulging yourself at the various bars with their different characters, including the spacious Smoker’s Lounge. A number of additional rooms have now also been renovated: 3 Junior Suites and two double rooms.

Swimming pool in the Park-Hotel Beau Site

Indoor swimming pool at the Chalet Shalimar
The Hotel Backstage now offers a very special service. You can now obtain food anywhere in the hotel from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.: in the restaurant, in the Galerie, in the Lofts, in the rooms, in the Wellness area and at the bar. And, every evening, there is also the Ciné-Dinner before and during the cinema presentation from 7.30 p.m. The Wellness area is also open to guests who are not staying at the hotel. Entrance charge: CHF 120 per person.

A new Lounge with Café Bar and fumoir has now been opened in the Hotel Berghof. The new Restaurant Berghof à la carte is also open to non-residential guests, and offers various culinary delicacies. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, and also open on Saturday and Sunday over the New Year 2011/2012.

The luxurious Chalet Shalimar from Zermatt Holidays offers Wellness, an indoor swimming pool and general services with all the top-class trimmings. The apartments with beds for 4 to 20 persons can be booked by the week

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