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*Europaweg Trail open, Suspension bridge closed

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Europaweg Trail open, Suspension bridge closed

Notice to hikers. The famous and popular Europaweg Trail from Sass-Fee or Zermatt to Grächen and vice-versa is now open. Unfortunately, the Europabrücke Bridge will remain closed until further notice due to the danger of falling rocks. This means that a new trail and an alternative trail have been signposted on the section of the trail from Täsch to the Europahütte cabin above Randa, and vice-versa. 

The suspension bridge on the Europaweg Trail close to the Europahütte cabin was opened in the spring of 2010, and already had to be closed again on the 21st September 2010. Rocks were falling onto the bridge from the hillside above the bridge at Grabengufer. The risk of falling rocks will be monitored until further notice, and the bridge will remain closed for safety reasons. Two new trails have therefore been signposted since the 1st July 2011, which lead from the Ottavan Täschalpen in the direction of the Europahütte cabin and vice-versa. 

Täschalpen – Europahütte Cabin 
Duration of hike with new route: 5.45h / 5.30h 

Europahütte Cabin – Täschalpen 
Duration of hike with new route: 5.30h / 4.45h 

Increased time compared to the suspension bridge version: New route plus 2.15h, Variant plus 1.30 or 1.15h 

These longer times must also be taken into account when planning the times for Zermatt – Europahütte Cabin and Zermatt – Grächen und vice-versa.

Attention: the section Täschalpen - Sunnegga is closed!

Newly signposted route for the Europaweg trail at Randa: The route now leads from Täschalpen/Ottavan above Wildi from Wildibach (possibly via the Kinhütte cabin) down into the valley at Randa and then climbs again to the Europahütte cabin. The alternative route, which is also signposted, descends into the valley shortly after Täschalpen.

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