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Substainable Construction in Zermatt

At 2883 and 3883 metres above sea level, the building of exceptional structures is underway, which will spark interest beyond the borders of Switzerland: the new Monte Rosa chalet along the Gorner Glacier and the Glacier restaurant at Matterhorn glacier paradise (Klein Matterhorn). Both buildings, which will be visitor attractions for guests from around the world, realise fascinating energy concepts at high altitudes. The projects are exemplary in terms of sustainable energy generation and resource conservation. As early as 2005, the administrative building for the EWZ Zermatt (= Electric Works Zermatt) was dedicated. In 2005 it was the only Minergie P building in Wallis – now there are three. 220 Minergie P buildings exist throughout Switzerland; however the majority of them are single family homes. 

Since the company Lauber IWISA came up with the plans for the building technology and energy concepts in these buildings, on 22 August 2008, you will hear a comparative presentation by one of the people responsible for this project at Lauber. Over one weekend, you will become acquainted with the exceptional structures and projects on location, become informed and discuss the significance of these buildings. 

On 22 August 2008, the groundbreaking for the new Monte Rosa chalet will take place on the Gornergrat, a project by the ETH Zurich and the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). 

On 23 August, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG and EWZ Zermatt will present their Minergie P building. The Glacier restaurant at Matterhorn glacier paradise (Klein Matterhorn) will open for the winter season. The EWZ administrative building was already dedicated in 2005. Shareholders of EWZ are 55% Municipal Planning Authority Zermatt, 45% Grande Dixence SA, Sitten. 

The amount invested in the buildings is: Monte Rosa chalet: at least CHF 5.7 million Glacier restaurant: at least CHF 7.0 million EWZ administrative building: CHF 7.8 million

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