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The IDE-Snowmaker

Testing the Snowmaker in Israel at 30° C. 
For the benefit of the Zermatt Alpine sport holiday-maker, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG has purchase the first machine ever able to produce snow irrespective of the weather. The machine was manufactured in Israel. It will be installed in a route of some 700 metres, between the Trockener Steg station and the Theodul Gletscher. This machine is particularly valuable, as it can be implemented for ski tests as early as the beginning of October 2008. The “Snowmaker” will “snow” for the very first time mid-October 2008. The “Snowmaker” produces about 1000 m³ of snow per day, irrespective of the temperature and without any additives. 

Snow by vacuum 
The fact that snow does not necessarily have a direct relation to "winter & mountains", but that it can in fact occur virtually anywhere, provided that the physical parameters are right (irrespective of whether natural parameters are present or that they are generated with the aid of technical means) – this insight is based on a source initially seen as “exotic” from an Alpine perspective. The technology is based on a physical principle in which water is injected into a vacuum, after which a part evaporates immediately without requiring boiling temperatures. The vaporization heat must, as such, however originate from somewhere – in this case, the vaporizing part of the water takes this heat from the remaining part of the water, which causes this part to extremely cool down and crystallize. This crystallized water therefore turns to snow, of the same quality as spring snow, which can be used to prepare the piste.

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