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Descent from the Täschalp

The Täschalp is 2’200 metres high. In the midst of the beautiful mountain environment of Täsch about 45 cows spend the summer from mid-June to early September. Some 5’000 kilos of cheese are produced during this grazing season. Not only the cowherd but also locals and guests visiting the Täschalp can enjoy the unique tranquillity, flora and fauna. 

In the beginning of September the alpine summer comes to an end. This is the day of the descent to the valley. When the cows make their way down through the forest with their bells it’s a memorable experience.

The descent from the alp is accompanied by music and culinary delights. These include, as ever, the “Gsottus with Chabus” (boiled meat in bouillon with vegetable and cabbage). Then one can buy Täschalp und Ziger cheese.

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