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Jong.Duke.Lee Miri,Kim with guide Mr Heo K R.
Seoul South Korea
1. climbing: 2009
"It was the greatest time of our life with my wife and me.13:10 August 16 2009. It was 25th happy anniversary. We are there !"

Steven Matz with guide Vince Anderson
Franklin, Michigan Usa
1. climbing: 2002
"Lightning and ice storm on the descent."

Stepan Dvorak
Pelhrimov Czech Republic
1. climbing: 1993
"We ascend with friend Frantisek Novak. Fany thanks."

1. climbing: 2011
"Mein Traum wurde war mit Diabetes typ 1 am 12 juli 2011 auf dem Matterhorn zu stehen"

1. climbing: 2011
"Ein traum wurde war mit Diabetes Typ 1 auf dem Matterhorn zu stehen"

Marc Fischer with guide Martin Vogt
Strassen Luxembourg
1. climbing: 2011
"22.08.2011 - on my very personal "hill"! So grateful having been there..."

Harald Murmann, 5000er Ehrengast with guide Herbert Graven
Wuppertal Deutschland
1. climbing: 1972
"Ganz tolle Tour, super Führer, ab Hütte drei Uhr 20, zurück zur Hüttte 10 Uhr."

Axel Schwab
München Deutschland
1. climbing: 2009
"War eine super Tour. Langer anstrengender Abstieg."

Constance Marten
London uk
1. climbing: 2009

Maffioletti Walter
Zürich Schweiz
1. climbing: 2011

Maffioletti Walter with guide Pius Henzen
Zürich Schweiz
1. climbing: 2011
"15. September 2011"

Ladislav Tesar with guide Stéphane Albasini
Blonay Switzerland
1. climbing: 2011
"It was hard 5 hours to go up and even harder 5 hours to get down. But YES it was successful - Friday 09/09/2011 at 10am I step over the summit of Matterhorn (4478m). I was really happy and even more tired :o)"

Przemysław Mitura
Poland Poland
1. climbing: 2011
"27 hours solo ascent 21.08.2011r"

eugene partyka with guide Jeffe Heylen
Hasselt Belgium
1. climbing: 1991
"Awel Jef, da hebben we toen goed gedaan."

martin soóš
stropkov slovakia
1. climbing: 1995

so kam chiu
Shatin HK
1. climbing: 2011

Nicolas Etienne with guide Patrick Mesot (Leysin)
Genève Suisse
1. climbing: 2011
"J'ai 18 ans, et j'ai grimpé le Matterhorn, C'était mon rêve, qui c'est maintenant réalisé."

Antonius Rameil
57368 Lennestadt Deutschland
1. climbing: 1999

Ivan Zajan
Štrbice Česká republika
1. climbing: 2009

Artur Pixner
39013 Moos in Passeier Italien
1. climbing: 2009

patrick guinard
Woking GB
1. climbing: 2008

Artur Mrozik
Oswięcim Poland
1. climbing: 2009

Carme R. Fox and Asun Elizalde with guide Josef Petrig and Rony Inderbinen
Barcelona Catalonia
1. climbing: 1961
"Carme R. Fox with guide Josef Petrig and Asun Elizalde with guide Rony Inderbinen. On July 5, 1961, two excellent guides from Zermatt achieved to accomplish the dreams of two Catalan young ladies from Barcelona. It was the beginning of the season and we could climb alone. They were true professionals who made our climb easy and most enjoyable. Unfortunately one of two friends of us who joined our climbing by themselves had a fatal accident. This is to pay homage to these extraordinary men who, 50 years now, I still remember with gratitude: my guide Josef Petrig, who died only one month later on August 9, 1961 in the Ober Gabelhorn, and Rony Inderbinen who died in 2001 in the Matterhorn. As Rony wrote us in 1961 after the death of Josef: “Only God knows why things happen”."

Robert Nicholson with guide Richard Andenmatten
Ottawa Canada
1. climbing: 1970
"I remember Richard Andenmatten with respect and admiration. He is one of nature's gentlemen."

Jong.Duke.Lee Miri,Kim with guide Heo-geung Ryol
Seoul South Korea
1. climbing: 2009
"It was me & my wife's the greatest memory for 25 anniversary in 2009. Date : August 18.2009 time 13:10."

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