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Nadelhorn (4,327 a.s.l.)

Together with the Stecknadelhorn, the Hobärghorn and the Dirruhorn, the Nadelhorn is the main summit of a total of 4 4,000-metre summits that together form the Nadelgrat, which lies in a hidden position, to the north-west of the Mischabel group, between Saas Fee and Randa. Its traverse is considered to be one of the most beautiful ridge hikes in the Alps. There is a characteristic rock hole below the summit. The Nadelhorn can be climbed on skis in winter, from the Bordierhütte cabin over the Windjoch col.

Origin of the name
The Nadelhorn is the summit that most clearly deserves the name "Nadel" (= needle) when seen from the north. The name originates, however, from an oval hole, the "Nadelloch" (pinhole), which that is easily visible when climbing to the Dom from the Festijoch ridge. It is located about 10 metres to the north-west of the highest point.

Stories / legends
The pitchfork with the pinhole - The Savoyards regarded Mont Blanc as "Mont Maudit", or in other words, the accursed mountain. Is it therefore very surprising that the early inhabitants of the Saas Valley garbled the name of the jagged teeth of the Mischabel group into the "Mistgabel" (pitchfork)?
The name Nadelhorn and Nadelgrat are not based on the tip of a needle, however, but on a pinhole-like cleft near the Nadelhorn summit. But why would a pitchfork need a pinhole? The first climbers of the Nadelhorn only wanted to set up a measurement signal there. Continuing to climb, they found themselves unexpectedly standing on the summit.


4,327 m a.s.l.

First climbed

16th September 1858

First climbed

Franz Andenmatten, Baptiste Epiney, Aloys Supersaxo, Joseph Zimmermann
The Nadelhorn was first climbed on the 16th September 1858, with the aim of installing a trigonometric signal. The Ried Glacier starts on the snow-covered North Face of the Nadelhorn, with the Hohbalm Glacier to the east.

Information for hikers

Various hiking tips with a
view of the mountain

Randa – Rötiboden – Weisshornhütte cabin

Duration of the hike

5 hours



Information for excursions

Short, easy walks or hikes

LSB St. Niklaus – Jungen Genossenschafts-Bahn (aerial cable car)

Information for mountaineers / alpinists

Valley location

Saas-Fee (1,803 m a.s.l.)

Starting point

Mischabelhütte cabin (3,329 m a.s.l.)

Various routes with level of difficulty
and duration

North-east ridge (WS, II)

Connecting ridge  Lenzspitze / Nadelhorn (ZS, III+)

Refreshment points /
mountain cabins

Mischabelhütte cabin (3,329 m a.s.l.)

Mountain guide experiences / tips


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